What Are People Saying

"We have had no power since Saturday. At least I have a stack of Yes & Know books to pass the time. No electricity required!"

Michael G.

"Enjoyed it very much when I was ill in the hospital."

Mary Jane N.
Buffalo, NY

"My 4 year old was delighted with GUESS & SHOW."

Sarah B.
N. Vernon, IN

"My teenagers loved it!  They had a ball."

Lynn E.
Sherborn, MA

"A perfect companion during our car travels for our 4 children, my husband, and myself."

Carole H.
Akesville, MD

"My favorite puzzles are FLEET and LINE-UP."

Keith B.
Atkinson, NH

"I plan to give your fabulous YES & KNOW as prizes at a party."

Barbara W.
Rowayton, CT

"Bought it in Yosemite.  We all love it."

Virginia B.
Hayward, CA

"You can't go wrong with LEE Publications' collection of game books.  From Ripley's Believe It Or Not to Noah's Ark, they kept my 13 year old daughter and nieces and nephews entertained for hours on our last car trip."

Appeared in the Dallas Morning News

"I have enjoyed your Yes & Know books for many years and still enjoy them as much at age 29.  I have introduced the books to my three daughters, ages 9, 7 & 3, and every week without fail a new book is purchased, not only for my daughters but for myself."

Joy S.

"I stopped in the newsstand at the Tampa airport and came across one of your Mystery books.  I was so glad I bought it because it kept me busy the whole flight.  I wasn't nervous or bored, in fact I hoped the flight wouldn't end until I finished the book."

Whitney C.
Tampa, FL