What Are People Saying

"Purchased the Minnie Magic Pen book for my 5 year old daughter and she loves it. We’re hooked on these books and will definitely be purchasing more."

Tre T.


"Enjoyed it very much when I was ill in the hospital."

Mary Jane N.
Buffalo, NY


"My grandchildren love the invisible ink books."

Jeanette N.


"My teenagers loved it!  They had a ball."

Lynn E.
Sherborn, MA


"A perfect companion during our car travels for our 4 children, my husband, and myself."

Carole H.
Akesville, MD


"The Frozen book is a great product for our 18 month old grand as she thinks she is coloring but it doesn't leave marks on the table when she gets out of the lines or book!"



"The Magic Pen book is a great book for children and adults. It is enjoyable seeing the pictures come to life. This is very relaxing to work and it is a great stress reliever."

Debbie S.


"Bought it in Yosemite.  We all love it."

Virginia B.
Hayward, CA


"I love these because they are no mess. Kids can't color on things they aren't supposed to like the walls or table. I also take these on the plane when traveling because it's only one marker and not a box of 24 crayons that get dropped and roll away. They have these in so many characters now that you are sure to find your favorites."

Mike S.


"You can't go wrong with LEE Publications' collection of game books.  From Ripley's Believe It Or Not to Noah's Ark, they kept my 13 year old daughter and nieces and nephews entertained for hours on our last car trip."

Appeared in the Dallas Morning News


"I have enjoyed your Yes & Know books for many years and still enjoy them as much at age 29.  I have introduced the books to my three daughters, ages 9, 7 & 3, and every week without fail a new book is purchased, not only for my daughters but for myself."

Joy S.


"I stopped in the newsstand at the Tampa airport and came across one of your Mystery books.  I was so glad I bought it because it kept me busy the whole flight.  I wasn't nervous or bored, in fact I hoped the flight wouldn't end until I finished the book."

Whitney C.
Tampa, FL